The Numbero platform is currently available for free!

Invoicing app for smart billing

Create invoices and send them effortlessly with NUMBERO. From any device online or through our mobile app!

Novel invoice management solution
Generate, send and download invoices
Send automated invoice emails
Multiple languages & currencies
Export invoices to the most popular accounting apps
All-in-one invoice app for your business

Generate invoices the simple way

Create invoices quickly and professionally

Error-free billing documents for your business

Customised invoice with your logo & brand colours


NUMBERO advantages

  • Automatically check the customer in the European VAT database
  • Generate invoices in multiple languages and currencies
  • All data is encrypted and stored on European servers
  • Create reports much faster and cheaper than with EXCEL

Numbero App- Generate invoices with ease!

Manage your bills with just a few taps on your smartphone!

Use the same features with the NUMBERO APP when the computer is not at hand.

Subscription plans


€ 0.00/mon
1 Invoice per month


€ 1.90/mon
6 Invoices per month
Invite your accountant
30 day trial


€ 5.90/mon
100 Invoices per month
Invite your accountant
30 day trial


€ 9.90/mon
Unlimited invoices per month
Invite your accountant
30 day trial

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the subscription plan?


When do you start billing?


I have run out of invoices available on my tariff plan - can I buy more?


What is the NUMBERO European VAT database checker?


How to send an invoice via email using NUMBERO?


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