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Terms of Use

Version: 27 October 2021

Version 1.0

1. The Website Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use” or “Terms”) specify the technical parameters for registering a user profile for the purpose of using the services of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). In connection with the Terms of Service [hyperlink to the Terms], these Terms form part of a single legal transaction between SIA NUMBERO APP (hereinafter—“we” or “System Operator”) and a registered user of the Website Services (hereinafter—“User”).

2. The service system NUMBERO APP (hereinafter—the “System”) is an automated data processing procedure, which the User can access by logging in via the link , while a new System User can register his/her User profile (his account) in the system via the link

3. Access (including registration) requires an online Internet connection or a mobile data connection using the System in a mobile application.

4. In order for any interested person (natural or legal person) to become a User, he/she must first create his/her personal User profile (his/her account) (hereinafter also “profile” or “account”) at first by getting acquainted with and then accepting the Terms of Service.

5. The User may be a natural person (sole proprietor or economic operator) registered in the Commercial Register or the Tax Administration (SRS) or a commercial company (partnership and capital company) as a legal person, or any foundation that has the right and economic interest to receive the services included in the System. Legal persons perform the User's activities via duly authorised persons.

6. One User can have only one profile (account). In the profile registration, the User provides only accurate User data.

7. The User is prohibited from disclosing his/her profile authorisation data (e-mail address and password) to third parties (except for legal entity trustees). The System Operator has a reason to believe that, in all cases of authorisation in the profile, as well as in cases of using the service, the actual performer of these activities is the User, i.e. the person whose data is indicated in the profile.

8. Use of the system is a paid service. The usage (subscription) fee is indicated in the price list

9. The system grants the User the right to try (use) the service for 14 days free of charge. Starting from the 15th day, the System allows the use of the service only after selecting the respective tariff plan and paying the usage fee provided for in the tariff plan.

10. The User pays the usage fee for the use of the System service by transfer or by debit/credit card (VISA and Mastercard) online or by BankLink (Paysera Bank Link, Swedbank Bank Link or Citadele Bank Link service). The invoice for the User is prepared automatically and is available in the User's account from now on.

11. If within 5 (five) days the System Operator has not received payment in accordance with the invoice for the service subscription fee created by the System Operator, the operation of the User's account shall be suspended and resumed only after receipt of the respective payment. An inactive profile (account) is closed after 6 months from the last day of activity in the User’s profile. Invoice traffic data stored in the User’s account is stored for 5 years.

12. Changes to the tariff plan can be made by the User in the User’s profile. The new tariff plan selected by the User will be valid from the moment of subscription payment for the new tariff. The System Operator is not obliged to make any recalculations or refund previously paid payments for the previous subscription months. The User has an independent task to timely plan the volume of document circulation required for him/her and to subordinate the choice of subscription tariff to this plan.

13. The User has the right to withdraw from the use of the System at any time by informing the System Administrator thereof, sending a relevant notification by e-mail to the address:, or by deleting the User's profile. In case of cancellation or deletion of the User’s profile, the System Administrator is not obliged to return the previously paid fee for the use of the System (subscription).

14. The System Administrator ensures that the data in the System is transmitted using the SSL data encryption protocol.

15. The User has the right to ask questions about the use of the System to the System Administrator by using the e-mail address specified in the User’s profile for communication and by sending a question to the System Administrator’s e-mail at If the User does not use the e-mail address registered in the profile, the System Administrator is not obliged to provide an answer.

Terms of Receiving the Services

Version: 27 October 2021

Version 1.0

I. Acknowledgements of the User

  1. These Terms (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Receiving the Services” or “Terms”) establish the legal conditions for registering a user profile for the purpose of using the services of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). In connection with the Website Terms of Use [hyperlink to the Terms of Use], these Terms form a single legal transaction between SIA “NUMBERO APP” (hereinafter - “SIA” or “we”) and a registered user of the Website Services (hereinafter—“User” or “you”). The words “User” or “you” in these terms mean any person who uses the platform offered on the Website for the circulation of invoices and other accounting documents.

  2. If you select the payment tariff plan “Numbero VIP”, you may need to sign additional legal documents, which, in addition to these terms, will supplement the amount of mutual obligations between you and SIA. 

  3. Please read these terms carefully before pressing the “Agree” confirmation button. By clicking the “Agree” confirmation button, you confirm that you agree to all the provisions of the Terms of Receiving the Services and become a party to the transaction—you agree to implement and fulfil obligations and responsibilities set forth in these terms, being granted with the rights and opportunity to use the range of services offered by the Website. By becoming a User of the Website and a participant in a mutual transaction, you also undertake to strictly comply with the Website Terms of Use [hyperlink to the Terms of Use].

  4. If you do not agree to the Terms of Receiving the Service or you have an objection to any of the paragraphs of these Terms, do not click the “Agree” confirmation button and do not start registering a user profile on the Website.

  5. All issues arising from the subject matter of these terms and mutual obligations are subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Latvia.

II. The essence of the service provided by SIA

  1. SIA offers Users the opportunity to use the Website system where they are offered the option to register, manage their User account, in which invoices are prepared, personalised, sent to the addressee, invoice report form developed and other invoice managing activities performed.

  2. The term “invoice” as an accounting document here means an invoice, advance invoice, bill of lading or other accounting document of a similar nature (as offered by the Website).

  3. The data submitted in the User’s invoice is subject to a certain algorithm; after being correctly filled in, the invoice starts its circulation on the Website. The circulation of the invoice is subject to the condition that the invoice information complies with the objective truth and the User’s confirmations and guarantees provided for in these Terms. Without prejudice to any other legal remedies available to us, if it is determined that the User’s or invoice information clearly does not comply with the requirements of these terms, SIA reserves the right to contact the User, both before and after, suspend, or even delete the invoice from the Website. 

  4. SIA has an indisputable right to waive any liability in connection with the legal consequences of invoicing and receipt of invoices, which applies to the mutual obligations and legal relations of the User and the recipient of the invoice. In addition, SIA reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time and without prior notice, to restrict or even deny any User’s access to the Website, providing the User with electronic information on the circulation of invoices until the access is restricted or the profile closed at the User’s request.

III. Warrants and payments

  1. When registering a User profile for the purpose of using the Website service, you select your preferred tariff plan in accordance with the price list indicated on the Website. The main criterion of your selected tariff plan is the number of invoices in one month or year. You can make changes to the tariff plan by managing your User’s profile (account) or by contacting us, allowing us to develop the most suitable tariff plan for you.

  2. The User pays the fee for the use of the Website in the form of a monthly subscription (subscription fee), in the framework of which SIA is entitled to deduct a fee once a month from the credit institution account specified by the User. Payment in the pricelist is specified, excluding value added tax. The main payment system conditions and principles for the service:

2.1. The use of services is possible only after the selection of the respective Tariff Plan and payment for it (except for the Tariff Plan, where the number of invoices allows the right to use the service free of charge);

2.2. The subscription fee shall be paid once a month in the form of a prepayment, which we deduct from your credit institution’s account on the day of starting the service and then renewing the use (subscription) on the same date of each subsequent month, if such data does not exist in the respective month (for example, if use is started on 31 January, then the next subscription payment day is 28 February, 31 March, 30 April, etc.);

2.3. We will announce changes to the Tariff Plan on the Website and to your e-mail address, and the changes will take effect on the date of renewal of the subscription for the following month after the relevant notification date. During this time, the User may opt out of using the service in his/her User profile;

2.4. The service fee is paid for in euros for the use of the service by one User, in accordance with the amount indicated in the selected Tariff Plan;

2.5. In the payment system, we store only the data on the fact of payment, the amount paid, and the identifier of the payment transaction.

  1. If the selected tariff plan does not correspond to the actual number of invoices (it is higher), you undertake to agree and pay the price for the use of the Website services, which has been calculated and determined by SIA within the tariff plans indicated on the Website.

  2. You agree and authorise SIA to charge your credit institution account for the benefit of SIA for the use of the Website services, including:

3.1. The price provided for in the tariff plan corresponding to you for the use of the Website services;

3.2. A contractual penalty for the period of late payment, if such is provided for in any of the conditions of mutual obligations;

3.3. Indemnification for losses incurred by us due to a breach of these terms and conditions by the User or the use of the Website. 

  1. If the User, on his/her own initiative, for any reason, terminates the use of the Website service during the reporting month or ceases to use it at all, we are not obliged, but the User has no right to reclaim the paid subscription fee. This rule also applies in cases when we close the User’s profile due to violations committed by the User.

  2. The User is solely responsible for any possible taxes or fees that may be applied to income received during the invoicing process.

  3. You agree to provide us with any authorisation that is reasonably necessary to represent your rights and legal interests in connection with the effective and complete performance of the services offered on the Website.

IV. Representations, guarantees, and obligations of the Parties

  1. By registering on the Website and preparing billing information, you represent, guarantee, and agree to provide or comply with the following terms:

1.1. The invoice you have created contains true data. The invoice preparation purpose is not related to the criminal activities prohibited by the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing, as well as the Law on International Sanctions and National Sanctions of the Republic of Latvia;

1.2. Your User Data is true. You attest that any person who registers and manipulates the User’s account has the relevant authorisation of a legal entity, which does not need to be specifically verified by SIA. As a natural person using the Website, you attest that you are at least 18 years old and are entitled to independently assume the obligations set forth in these Terms;

1.3. You acknowledge that you have a legal commercial or other civil obligation to issue the relevant invoice binding to the addressee;

1.4. You guarantee that your invoices will not contain any information that is inconsistent with applicable law or may be deemed to infringe the rights of its addressees or any third parties, such as (but not limited to), information that is rude, abusive, defamatory, threatening, includes racial hate speech etc.;

1.5. By using the Website, you are not acting as an intermediary for profit for another potential user of the Website.

  1. You undertake to indemnify SIA and, at the request of SIA, to protect its interests against any losses or claims arising from violations of the above statements and guarantees of the SIA (or its officers or employees), as well as any other breach of your obligations under these Terms.

  2. You undertake to immediately notify SIA by e-mail in case any of the confirmations or guarantees given in this section becomes invalid or the fulfilment of obligations by you becomes completely or partially impossible, and, as such, it can mislead both SIA as a service provider, and other third parties (especially bill recipients). The statement does not release you from the consequences of the representations, guarantees or obligations made, insofar as this statement does not prevent the occurrence of negative consequences in the future.

  3. When entering invoice information, as well as further managing your User account, you are obliged to indicate or update the data necessary for the mutual fulfilment of obligations as accurately as possible.

V. Other Provisions

  1. By registering a User’s profile (account) and acquiring the right to use the Website’s services, you do not acquire any rights to the intellectual property owned by SIA (trademark, logo, Website design, etc.). You acknowledge that any use of our intellectual property requires our prior written consent.

  2. SIA shall not be liable to you for any losses, including lost or expected profits, unrealised opportunities, impact on your reputation, direct or indirect material losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with services of the SIA or refusal to provide these services, the invoice addressee’s actions, including refusal to pay the invoiced amount, deletion of the invoice or User’s profile due to User’s violations, operation or temporary interruption of Website operation, deficiencies in the content of the Website or technological capabilities, even if we have been informed in advance about the possibility of such losses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, our liability shall not be limited by reason of unjustified negligence, gross negligence, fraud or wilful misrepresentation, or in any other case where the law prohibits the limitation or exclusion of such liability.

  3. Neither the User nor SIA shall be liable for any failure to perform any of its obligations due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of these persons (force majeure), including, but not limited to, fire, earthquake, supply disruption, other natural disaster, war, embargo, changes in public administration legal acts, unrest or acts of terrorism.

  4. SIA has the right to unilaterally withdraw and terminate these terms in relation to you by sending a notice to the e-mail address provided in your personal account in writing if it finds that you have violated any of the representations, guarantees or obligations set forth in these terms, or any provision related to the use of the Website. Termination of the Terms shall not affect the rights and obligations of either party until the date of notification but shall release from any future obligations.

  5. Nothing in the Terms of Receiving the Services shall be interpreted in a way to create a joint venture relationship between you and SIA, except for the relationship set forth in the Privacy Policy, which is of a personal data controller and processor nature.

  6. If any provision of these Terms of Receiving the Services becomes illegal due to a change in the law or is invalid or unenforceable under acts issued by the legislator or a court, it does not affect the legality, validity, or enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms.

  7. In the event of a conflict of interpretation between the Terms of Receiving the Services and the Website Terms of Use, the Terms of Receiving the Services shall prevail to the extent necessary to resolve any legal conflict. 

  8. Any delay or refusal to exercise its rights or to require the User to comply with any of the requirements of the Terms of Receiving the Services shall not be construed as a waiver of SIA’s rights and shall not limit SIA’s ability to exercise its rights in the future. Nor shall the full or partial exercise of the rights referred to in these terms preclude the reasonable exercise of other rights as provided by the applicable laws and regulations.

  9. Any condition arising from the regulation of these terms, as a result of which the User or SIA acquires permanent rights or obligations, shall also remain in force after the termination of these terms at the initiative of SIA in relation to the User, but until the complete enforcement of these rights or obligations.

  10. SIA reserves the right to amend the Terms of Receiving the Services at any time, and all amendments will take effect and will be binding on the User after the date of the amendment. In respect of registered Users and billing that occurred chronologically on the Website prior to the amendment to the Terms of Receiving the Services, the changes will take effect on the second day from the date of notification of the change in the e-mail indicated in the User’s personal account.