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Gone are the days when generating and sending out invoices meant all sorts of hurdles. Today, billing your partners with ease and having all of your invoices within arm’s reach at all times is just a matter of downloading a single app. Enter Numbero, a Latvian-made invoicing app on its way to changing the face of the industry. 

In This Article:

  • Numbero: An Almost Overnight Regional Sensation

  • What’s in the Package: The Main Features 

  • Final Note - An App on its Way to Greatness

Proudly Made in Latvia

Functionality and user-friendly interface aside, one of the app’s most unique features is its unusual origin story. A brainchild of a small and dedicated team of developers from Latvia, a booming Northern European start-up hub, the Numbero app is yet another instance of the small Baltic Nation championing innovation and pushing the envelope in all things tech. 

Currently, it is the only such app hailing from the region. In fact, it is one of the few such maps available on the international app market. And, given the flawless track record of the Latvian developer community, there’s no reason to doubt Numbero’s potential for outshining the competition. 

Launched in the fall of 2021, the app quickly earned widespread local appreciation, moving on to receive notable international acclaim not long after. Less than a year in, the app has established itself as one of the leading platforms within the niche. 

And there’s a good reason for this warm reception. The Numbero app excels in everything the developers set out to achieve. Let’s have a quick look at how that works in practice. 

Generate Invoices with a True Vanguard App

Now you might think it’s all tall tales, but Numbero indeed has more than one trick up its sleeve. Besides helping users generate invoices quicker and easier than ever before, it also gives a complete toolkit for organizing and analyzing historical payment data. 

Add the automated email invoicing feature on top, and you have a one-stop solution for all your billing-related business operations. And there’s more to the mix. 

#1 Encryption 

One of the many aspects in which Numbero is at the frontier is cyber security. A chief priority for the developer team right from the get-go, the robust security system provided by the app is truly unrivalled. All client data is encrypted and kept on European servers, adhering to the highest cyber security standards.

#2 Automated Background Checks 

Alongside cyber security, there’s another way in which Numbero helps users conduct their business operations with the highest degree of confidence. The automated background check feature is there to locate your business partner in the European VAT registry.

Now, while there’s no problem in conducting deals based on mutual trust, knowing that both parties are officially recognized business entities adds another layer of legitimacy to your business operations. To put it simply, using Numbero ensures you can have a good night’s sleep, knowing your partners have their business credentials in check. 

#3 Email Invoicing

Feeling tired of chasing after your business partners with an endless barrage of emails? Numbero has got you covered there as well. The automated email invoicing requires one-time input from the user, with Numbero taking care of the rest from there. 

Select your partner, set the date range, and have recurring invoices sent out at chosen intervals. As a user, this allows you to sit back and focus on the essential while the automation does its work. 

#4 Have Your Reports and Payment Records within Arm’s Reach

Finally and, perhaps, most importantly, Numbero gives you all the necessary tools to keep track of your business operations, allowing for informed, data-driven decision-making in the future. 

Not only does the invoicing app significantly alleviate the process of tracking your bills and checking payment status, but it also has a dedicated reporting system. As with all things Numbero, it’s built to ensure reporting is no more the dreaded chore it often turns out to be. 

With its simple-to-grasp interface and user-friendly functionality, you can create reports far more easily and quickly than with such industry standards as Microsoft Excel. For those familiar with the process, that alone should be a good enough reason to consider giving Numbero a well-deserved shot. 

All things said and done, the future success of Numbero seems to be a given. With a steadily growing user base and so far unanimously raving reviews, the app is another testament to the sheer brilliance of the Baltic Region and its developer community. And with Latvia as the emerging fintech powerhouse of the region, it was only a question of time before we finally got our hands on a breakthrough solution for online invoicing. 

Removing all the friction and ensuring online invoicing is no more time-consuming labour, Numbero is as close as it gets to the complete package.